Exposing Penis Enlargement Methods

Exposing Penis Enlargement Methods

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When people start knowing about Penis Enlargement they immediately compare them with those scam credit cards or other fraudulent. But there are only a few methods available and some of them are unsafe and some may be unproductive if not used appropriately. So we would like here to discuss about certain techniques regarding penis enlargement.
Vaccum Pumps
These pumps don’t work much to the expectation as these pumps seal the penis inside a tube that is airtight and they remove the surrounding air. This negative pressure laid on the penis pulls the blood forcefully and makes the penis enlarged. The process can be done very soon and the results may also be notable but the trouble that lies ahead is that if you remove the pump them the penis would shrink to the normal size.

But you can fit a constriction ring at the base of the penis which may control the flow of blood and keep the erection in place until you insert it.

But at change of position you would be again forced to pump again which would be really embarrassing. These pumps may be useful for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and during masturbation and it just creates a chimera of large penis and the results are hardly permanent and there is a danger in elastic tissues in the penis getting damaged very badly. So, this is not the great technique but it is interesting and good as the “first-aid” in sexual realm.

Penis Pills, Penis Patches, lotion, penis oils, Creams

These work only if they are used properly and according to instructions. These products claim to contain lots of minerals and vitamins and certain hormones called as testosterone that are said to be useful in penis enlargement. But these products don’t seem to be really effective if you use them on your own hand. Here you can introduce better about our product’s www.mensizematters.com. At the worst of the cases, you may suffer from some sort of allergy to vitamins or a problem leading to over dosage. So stick to the instructions and results should be seen after some time – do not expect the results in 10 days.

Penis Surgery
It works definitely, but lots of risk factors are involved. It is the only method preferred by urologists all over the world anywhere you go. A lot of surgeons have different techniques that are not endorsed by the medical association.

Many men who have undergone such surgical procedures aren’t satisfied at all as it just adds an inch or so to the flaccid penis and not for the erect penis and there are lots of risks such as penile deformities involved in such procedures and they have to undergo another operation to correct it.

And at times there are certain side effects such as hair at the base of the penis, a penis that hangs lower, scarring or abnormally fat lumps in the penis, loss of sensitivity. Still, on the other hand, some people are more than satisfied with the results after the surgery so you might consider this one to try. Consider also this – it is pretty expensive.

Penile Exercises
This is the most cost effective, easiest and safest way to enlarge your penis. Due to these exercises, you may actually get good results like large, lengthy and thicker penis with extra erection. This technique will also be helpful in knowing about your body and in turn will give you a more enjoyable sexual life.

Penis Enlargement Traction Devices
This method is a little more expensive than the regular exercises but is more effective with better results. These traction devices are used to apply more force than with your normal hand with a faster and good result. If you really feel that you should come out of your problem then this is the best method to get an enlarged penis.

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